The Benefits of House Plants

Throughout the summer, I had a potted hibiscus plant on my balcony. But, as it got colder each night, I knew the time was approaching for when I needed to bring it indoors. I pruned it back, sprayed it, and placed it in a corner of my bedroom. It looks a little odd in there since it’s large and definitely looks like it belongs outside, but having my hibiscus inside solidified my love for indoor house plants.

That hibiscus is currently the only living plant I have inside my apartment, but I definitely want to get more house plants, especially if they have added benefits.


They purify the air
When plants absorb carbon dioxide in the air, they also absorb toxins found within the air. Removing harmful fumes from carpet, paint, and even clothing, can help tame respiratory issues.

They can act as natural humidifiers
When plants are watered, a lot of the water they absorb is actually evaporated into the air through transpiration, which increases the humidity levels in a room. Increased humidity is linked to decreasing the occurrences of colds, as well as keeping skin hydrated. So when winter arrives and you start applying lotion more often than usual and start to notice that people are getting sick, indoor plants can help.

They can boost your mood
Not only can plants bring joy through their beauty and connection to nature, but taking care of house plants can increase your happiness. Daily watering and care can bring purpose to your life, even only for a couple of minutes every day. Adding plant care as one of your daily responsibilities is even said to decrease depression, stress, and anxiety.

  1. I’m such a firm believer in bringing plants into the home for all of the reasons you mentioned above. It’s a piece of decor that never goes out of style and completely changes the atmosphere in a room. Wishing you and your hibiscus all the best haha

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