My Favorite Items From IKEA for Small Spaces

I was so excited when I had signed my lease to my first apartment a few years ago. I was able to get out of the college dorms and finally decorate my own space! The apartment was a whopping 350 square feet, which is tinier than some tiny homes. At the time, I was in school for interior design, so I grabbed a pen and paper, sketched out the space, and started sketching in my must have pieces, like a sofa, a dining table, a bed, dressers… but there was one problem. If I wanted all of those things within that one room, I needed to be smart about the items I bought and be conscious about their dimensions. I didn’t want to stuff the apartment with standard sized furniture and make it feel smaller than it actually was.

I headed to IKEA with my list of must haves, and at the end of the day, stuffed my mom’s car full with everything that would soon be in my new place. Since that was a few years ago, the items I bought are not longer available, but here are some IKEA pieces that would be great for a small space.



Vimle Loveseat

At only 67″ wide, this loveseat is narrower than other IKEA loveseats, but can still comfortably fit two people. It would be great for a place with a smaller living area, like a studio apartment.



Gualov Storage Table

This little table is great at being multi use. It works as a side table or coffee table, and also has storage for blankets, magazines, books, or anything else you would like to store.



Saltrod Mirror with Shelf and Hooks

I could see this being used either next to a front door or in a bedroom. It would be a great place to put keys, sunglasses, small bags, and anything else you like to grab before you head out.



Vittsjo TV Unit

This is one of the items that I bought for my first place that I still own. I love the thin structure, which doesn’t make it feel as heavy in the room as some other TV consoles. The shelves are great, as well, to store movies, games, or a sound system.



Ingatorp Drop-leaf Table

If your kitchen and dining area does not have space for a standard table like my first place did, this would be a great option. With the leaves dropped, it’s perfect for two. But when the leaves are open, four people can comfortably sit. And once you’re done, you can drop the leaves back down and gain extra space.



Brimnes Bed Frame with Storage and Headboard

If there aren’t many closets or cabinets in your space, this bed is a great option. There are four drawers underneath the bed which are great for extra bedding or out of season clothing. The shelves behind the headboard are great for storing books, your phone, or any other knick knacks you like to have by your bed.


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