Winter Favorites

1 | Olly Vitamin D gummies

I’ll admit, I don’t see the sun much during the winter. It’s up when I am going to work, but it’s already dark by the time I leave. In order to combat that and to make sure my body was still getting everything it needed, I found these gummy supplements. They’re lemon flavored and super tasty, and it might just be a placebo effect, but I definitely feel a lot better when I take them!



2 | iheartart signs

When I moved into my current apartment a little over a year ago, a coworker bought me a cute little sign that said “home'” with a flower covering the “o”. I placed it on a shelf that I have in my dining room and it makes me smile whenever I see it. Recently, I had visited the shop, and bought some signs of my own– this “hello spring” sign, as well as a “hello fall” sign, which was a leftover from last year. I love them!

3 | Roku Ultra

For my birthday this year, one of the gifts I received was a Roku. It’s a streaming device that allows for you to have your cable shows, Netflix, YouTube account, and more all connected to your TV through one home screen. Or, if you don’t have cable like me, there are also a lot of free channels to download. My personal favorite is Pluto TV, which has hundreds of channels showing movies, travel shows, property shows, music playlists, and much more.



4 | Gaiam Yoga for Beginners Kit

In my “My 2018 Goals” post from a couple of months ago, I had mentioned that I wanted to get into yoga and had already ordered a mat to help me start that resolution. I don’t have much experience with yoga mats and accessories, but I found this kit on Gaiam with a mat, a block, and a strap for a great price. It also doesn’t hurt that the mats are pretty as well!

5 | The 100

After I had set up my Roku, I knew I had to find some other shows to watch on Netflix. A friend of mine had recommended to The 100 to me. And let me just say, I am hooked. I watched almost two full seasons in the span of a weekend! I definitely recommend it if you like dystopian shows.



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