How a Room Can Affect Your Mood

Have you ever walked into a space and instantly felt your mood change? Maybe you walked into a light and bright space and felt your mind become clear, or maybe you walked into a dim bar and felt yourself deflate and become sullen. Either way, the way in which spaces are designed can affect our moods. The colors, lighting, textures, and layout all work together to make the users feel a certain way. Here are some of the most common ways a room can affect your mood.


kaboompics_Stylish workspace with Macbook Pro

Bright and monochrome

A space that is light, bright, and white feels clean and open. Natural daylighting is said to increase productivity and happiness, while white is said to be clean and can promote a clear mind.



Natural wood tones

A space with wood accents or predominately wooden pieces is seen as warm. Bringing in natural wood tones, especially in a gathering space, can make the space feel more welcoming.


kaboompics_Blue pillows on a comfy sofa

Soft pastel hues

Adding soft pastel hues into a space, whether it is in the form of smaller accent pieces or a larger feature, can make the space feel light and whimsical.


kaboompics_Bar in the eclectically designed interior

Dark rooms with limited lighting

As a contrast to a bright white room with natural daylight, a dark, dim room with little access to lighting can bring down the mood of those in the space. These spaces feel more intimate, but can also increase negative emotions.



Patterns with bright colors

Bright bold patterns are energizing, especially if they have an alternating linear pattern. These patterns could exist on the wall, in a rug, or in a piece of artwork to give more life to a space.


kaboompics_Interior of a modern restaurant

Rich colors

The basics of color theory state that each color evokes a different feeling as well as having their own meaning. This color, for instance, could be perceived as calming and fresh, since blue is most associated with water and sky.


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