Featured: How To Appreciate the Little Things

Somehow, it’s already November. The majority of the year has already flown by without me really realizing it. Between work, my blog, and things going on in my personal life, there wasn’t a whole lot of room to take a break and breathe. But, I found out one way to make time seem like it’s going by slower– appreciating the little things.

By appreciating the little things in life, we are allowing ourselves to not become too engrossed in the mundane activities we do every day. When we do something new or unexpected, we take longer to process it and retain it making it feel like time has slowed down. Not only that but looking at small details of things can help calm me and ground me if I need it.

Here are a few ways to appreciate the little things.


Capture your surroundings

It wasn’t until I became interested in photography that I started to see all of the little details of the physical world. My friend and I would walk around town and we would take photos of anything that caught our eye– small or large. Afterward, we would compare the types of photos we took. More often than not, we captured different things. He would always take photos of more industrial things, while I stuck to more natural things. It always amazed me how different things caught our eye despite being in the same environment. And once I trained my eye to look for these things, I started to notice them without a camera as well– the details of a building’s facade, the shape of a cloud, a sticker on a street sign.

But, you can do this with mediums other than photography. You could sketch the area you are currently in to capture the details. You could write a few paragraphs about how one particular object makes you feel. You could record a video of how the colors of the sky change just as the sun sets below the horizon. You could capture these little details in any form you want. And doing so will train yourself to look out for them more in the future.


Practice mindfulness

About a year ago, I wrote about how my mom introduced me to mindfulness when I was in college. Even though that conversation with my mom happened years ago, I still try to include mindfulness in my everyday life. It helps ground me when I’m feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and it makes me step back from the situation I’m currently in to assess my environment.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a break from your fast-paced life, try focusing on an object in the room. Really look at it. What material is it? Does it have a pattern? How does the object make you feel? What is the object sitting on? What shape is it? Hopefully, by asking yourself these questions, you can begin to appreciate the little details in the things around you.


Keep a gratitude journal

If you read my post about bullet journaling, you’ll know that it didn’t work out. It wasn’t for me. But, one thing that I included in my bullet journal that I may reintroduce into my daily routine is a daily gratitude journal. In my bullet journal, I would list three positive things from each day that made me happy. They were sometimes as simple as “I ate pizza for dinner” or they were sometimes a rare occasion like “my boss told me what a great job I’ve been doing”. Doing this on a daily basis forced me to look at all of the little moments throughout the day to come up with my three things.


What are your favorite ways of slowing down and appreciating the little things?


  1. I love this post so much because I definitely related to the first 2, I’ve never kept any type of journal really but I really relate to the photography one, I don’t always have my camera on me but I take in my surroundings so much now especially the areas I adore! I also simplfy things when driving by just taking in the sights I see especially the nature side of things!💞


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree! I was out driving today, and instead of taking the highway which would have been faster, I decided to take some back roads so I could look at all of the leaves changing color right now. Thanks for the comment! ❤️


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