Modern living room with sofa, coffee table, and low TV stand

I Bought a House!

Buying a home was a goal that I’ve had for a while. I was steadily outgrowing my apartment, there was no room for guests to stay over, I was tired of parking in a small parking lot, and I was tired of the noise. I wanted a quiet place where I had room to grow and could call my own.

I had been browsing homes for a while online, but was waiting to make a move on anything until I paid down some debts. And once I did that, I found a realtor (who was also a coworker) and got preapproved from a lender.

The first home we saw was nice, but it was small. It was a split level with two small bedrooms and a finished attic that could be a third bedroom. It had a sizable backyard and a gorgeous kitchen, but it didn’t feel like the one for me.

The second home actually went under contract the same day we went to see it. It was a single story and everything was redone– the kitchen, the bathroom, the floors. It probably would have been a contender had it not been under contract already.

The third house we saw… oh man. It looked really nice from the outside. It was another single story on a half-acre. The inside was dated, but nothing that couldn’t be freshened up. Then, we went into the garage and it was split in half. You couldn’t even use the garage for a car; it was only about ten feet deep. With the garage split in half, they created a room that didn’t seem to have much of a purpose. Then, we went into the basement and saw ponds of water on the floor and damp insulation. Needless to say, we left that one pretty quickly.

Initially, I thought the home search would take a couple of months at least. For the price range I was looking at, homes were going fast since there were so few of them at that started home price point. It also didn’t help that it was the middle of summer and peak homebuying season.

There was a house that I saved online that I kept coming back to. It was priced a little high, but it was the only house I rated with five stars. It had everything I was asking for. At first, I didn’t tell my realtor about it since I didn’t want to be in over my head financially. Until, the price dropped one day. You better believe that I texted her as fast as I could asking when we could go see it.

We were able to see it the next day.

Before my house hunt started, my mom told me that when I found the right house, it’ll feel like home as soon as I walk in. And this one did. I could see myself living there. I could see myself having friends over and hosting holidays with family.

It checked all of my boxes with the number of bedrooms, the size, an outdoor space for entertaining, a basement that I can finish and put my stamp on, and there is a full garage… that I can actually park a car in!

My realtor and I didn’t even leave the house before I told her I wanted to make an offer. There was an open house scheduled in three days, so if I was going to make an offer, I needed to do so before other people had the chance. She was shocked that I decided that so quickly, but was also really happy for me.

After negotiations and an anxiety-inducing two months of appraisals, inspections, and mortgage applications, I signed my life away and got the keys!


So without further ado, here are some photos:

Modern living room with sofa and coffee table

Wooden dining table with Eames chairs and black buffet in the background

Two black metal stools at a kitchen bar

Bedroom with wooden bed and mauve walls

Bedroom with white bed and blue walls

Office with two bookshelves with books and knick knacks

Bathroom with modern blue and gray shower curtain


Even though I’ve been here for almost four months now, sometimes I’m still shocked that this even happened. And it happened pretty quickly, too. Remember when I said I expected the househunting process to take a couple of months? Well, the time between me seeing the first home and me seeing what would be my home was only a week and a half!

It’s been a little bit of a roller coaster, but I’m happy to be settled in and ready to start this new chapter.



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