Minimalist dining table with chairs

25 Ways to Overcome Cabin Fever

So, you’re stuck inside. You’ve done all the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, reorganized all of your important documents, and it’s still only day one. What now? Binge movies and shows for the rest of time? Scroll through social media until your fingers go numb?

Here are 25 ideas to keep you from going stir crazy indoors.


  1. Rearrange furniture in a room
  2. Search through your belongings for charity or yard sale items
  3. Learn a new recipe
  4. Try out new hairstyles
  5. Upcycle old clothing
  6. Start learning a new language online
  7. Video chat with friends and family
  8. Get into drawing or painting with online tutorials
  9. Start a journal
  10. Try origami
  11. Do yoga
  12. Start an online course
  13. Food prep for the following week
  14. Read that book that’s been on your shelf for ages
  15. Write a short story
  16. Try new makeup looks
  17. Start a puzzle
  18. Take a walk outside, if possible
  19. Check your cabinets for expired medicines and foods
  20. Watch a documentary
  21. Paint your nails
  22. Try to solve online brain teasers and puzzles
  23. Clean out your car
  24. Create a bucketlist
  25. Try meditation


What is your favorite way to pass the time? I think mine might be a mixture between reading and writing!

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