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How to Create an Inspiring Home Office

Working from home has become the norm for a lot of people. Those who were used to a morning and evening commute, chatting with coworkers, and having their own workspace within an office are now trying to mimic that same set up in their own homes. And while it is difficult to replicate the “water cooler talk” or bumping into a colleague, you can set up a home office to inspire you and motivate you throughout the day.

Be surrounded by things you love

If you know you’re going to be working from home for an extended period of time, set up your new workspace with things that you love. They could be photos of loved ones, art that inspires you, or your favorite books. Being surrounded by items you love can make it easier to sit down and get started on work.

Have a comfortable and supportive chair

Have you ever sat for long periods of time in an uncomfortable chair? All you can think about is how uncomfortable you are and how badly you want to sit on something supportive. When sitting down to do work for long periods of time, make sure the chair you are using is comfortable for you and won’t distract you from your work after a while.

Have sight to the outdoors

Our connection to other people is as limited as ever, and it is important for us to maintain a connection to the outside world whenever we can. Try to choose a spot to work where you have a view of the outdoors.

Have indoor plants

Having an indoor plant nearby, whether it is a succulent or a larger tree, can be more than a pretty thing to look at. Indoor plants can help purify the air within the room and can even boost your mood.

Work in different postures

Even if you’ve dedicated a space as your “home office”, whether it’s a full room or just your bed, give yourself the option of working in different parts of your home and allow yourself to work in different postures. If you’re doing something that doesn’t require a lot of focus, like responding to emails, trying lounging on the sofa or on your bed in a more relaxed position. For more intense work like a presentation or report, make sure you’re sitting upright at a table or desk to allow yourself the concentration you need. Changing your posture throughout the day gives yourself a change in scenery and can break up your day.
What have you done in order to create the best home office for yourself?

  1. A comfy chair is key to creating an inspiring and productive home office in my opinion but I also love your point on having a view point to the outdoors. Working from home is great but I often get stir crazy and desperately need some vitamin D so stepping outside does wonders

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  2. I haven’t done any of these things. I plan to do it but always being lazy. I agree the postures and proper chair and office kind set up is really important.

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  3. I totally agree about surrounding your workspace with the things you love. I have been working from home for 5 years and I have a shelf with all my Disney stuff near my office table. Also, plus one on having a comfortable and supportive chair. It’s worth investing in a good one.

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