5 Easy Ways to Refresh a Room

When you think of redoing a room in your home, you might think about how difficult and overwhelming of a task that might be. Between moving furniture out of the way, maybe replacing the floor, painting, and possibly buying new furniture, it’s a lot. But, there are also simpler ways to refresh a room to make it feel updated and new.


Swap out artwork
Artwork is one of my favorite ways to liven up a space. Personally, I have a lot of photos from my travels hung on my walls, as well as a couple of painted canvases that I made. But, I only have so much wall space for all of these things. The solution? Swap out your artwork every season or so, so then there’s no limit on the things you’re able to display. It could be your own personal curated gallery.

Bring in new textiles
This is my personal favorite. I love different textures of pillows, blankets, and rugs. There are so many different combinations and options to choose from to change up your space. It’s such a simple thing to do as well. You could use contrasting colors and textures, you could create a more monochrome look, or you could change them out based on the seasons and have brighter ones in the summer and softer, cozier ones in the winter.

Introduce house plants
I’ve found that a little bit of greenery, even the smallest cactus, can bring more life into a space. They’re also easy things to add to a room if there are awkward corners and nooks. Have a lonely corner? Add a house plant. Have an empty dining table? Add a vase of flowers. Have a bare coffee table? Add a succulent. It also doesn’t hurt that they’ve been known to have added benefits.

Rearrange knick knacks
I sure do love my knick knacks. Any surface I have has at least one item on it whether its from my travels, from my childhood, or a cute little piece I found at the store. And I’ve found that rearranging them every so often keeps things interesting. Instead of looking for a new piece to go somewhere, I shop in my own place first to see if there’s something I could use.

Use adhesive wallpaper
I’ll admit, this is one thing I haven’t tried yet. But, I’ve seen a lot of stores start to carry things like this. If you like to change things often, have commitment issues, or don’t feel like dealing with normal wallpaper, adhesive wallpaper might be the answer. I’ve seen all sorts of patterns and styles that transform spaces with peel and stick tiles.

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